Signs and Signals of Borderline Personality Disorder

What to Do if You Identify The Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Before reading any further, be advised that borderline personality disorder is a condition that can only be diagnosed and treated by a mental health professional. If you recognize the signs of borderline personality disorder in yourself or others, the safest, most beneficial course of action always begins with an official assessment from an experienced, qualified care provider. When you call Therapeutic Solutions for help, we will provide you with a program assessment and help you determine the most fitting treatment.

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What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is comprised of symptoms that change the way affected individuals think about themselves, other people, and the world around them in such a way that it negatively impacts interpersonal relationships, fosters impulsiveness and chronic instability, and creates an unhealthy self-image. Most people with borderline personality disorder experience onset of symptoms in young adulthood and see a progression throughout the rest of their adult life. BPD often occurs as the result of unstable attachment in childhood or adulthood, traumatic experiences, and the lack of learned coping mechanisms to promote resilience.

Potential Indicators of Borderline Personality Disorder

You or someone you love may be struggling with borderline personality disorder if they display one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Dangerous, impulsive, and/or self-destructive behavior
  • Fear of abandonment which leads to extreme attempts to prevent rejection and/or separation
  • Inappropriate displays of negative emotion, such as anger, violence, etc.
  • Intense changes in self-image and life goals
  • Intense, unstable relationships characterized by rapid, dramatically shifting perspectives about other people
  • Periods of powerful anxiety and paranoia combined with detachment from reality
  • Threatening to harm or kill themselves in order to prevent separation or rejection by others

Due to many of the stigmas related to mental health, many individuals who are struggling with these symptoms may be resistant to acknowledging their symptoms or seeking help to treat those symptoms. It is important to recognize that a large number of people experience mental health issues, and that it takes courage to seek help. Therapeutic Solutions is dedicated to supporting resilience, providing our patients with compassionate care, and walking alongside individuals we serve throughout their journey toward wellness.

If you or a loved one is engaging in any of the behaviors listed above or showing any of these potential signs of borderline personality disorder, the best course of action is to get connected with a mental health professional right away in order to regain stability and control in a safe, professional, and nurturing environment. Therapeutic Solutions provides a range of behavioral health treatment options for individuals struggling with BPD and other mental health concerns, including Partial HospitalizationDialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and more.

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