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Who We Are

A team of psychiatric providers & clinicians at our outpatient sites in Chico, California & Spokane, Washington working collaboratively to help people with behavioral health issues get better.

What We Do

Serve the mid-level care gap between traditional outpatient psychiatric care & inpatient facilities.

Use evidence-based therapeutic & medical interventions:

Supplement lower level outpatient care (such as medication management) or transition out of inpatient care (such as inpatient psychiatric care, residential facilities, or the ER).

Who We Serve

Adults & adolescents whose behavioral healthcare needs are more acute than what may be provided by a traditional outpatient psychiatric provider or outpatient therapist.
Adults & adolescents who would benefit from step down services after an inpatient psychiatric stay.
People suffering from treatment-resistant depression with multiple failed medications.

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Services Available for Referral

TMS Therapy

TMS is FDA Approved for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder with an average response rate of greater than 70% & remission rate greater than 50%. 


Intensive Outpatient Program

Custom curriculum, incorporating Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills & interventions. Used as a measure to preventative inpatient hospitalization.


Partial Hospitalization Program

An alternative to hospitalization, PHP offers the intensity of acute inpatient care without the overnight hospital stay.


Electroconvulsive Therapy

ECT is a safe, well-regulated, and highly effective treatment. ECT has a high success rate for patients who have not seen improvements through therapy or medication. 


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