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What Is Parts-Therapy?

Parts-therapy/parts work therapy is the concept that our personality is composed of a number of various parts from our subconscious. The goal of parts-therapy is to help people have all the parts of the self ready to show up when needed. This treatment is particularly useful for someone who has experienced unresolved trauma. More therapists around the world are discovering the benefits of parts-therapy for helping clients overcome personal barriers. Parts therapy can also help resolve internal conflicts, even after a client fails to respond to traditional techniques. The patient-centered approach uses the patient’s own ability to resolve their inner conflicts.

How Does Parts-Therapy Work?

Some people are fortunate enough to have the traits they wish to tap into from time to time. For others, accessing their desired personality is extremely difficult. Parts-therapy helps us develop the parts we do not have yet. A parts-therapy facilitator acts as a mediator to help clients resolve their inner conflicts. The facilitator communicates directly with the parts of the subconscious involved in a person’s inner conflict. The facilitator then employs mediation to help resolve the inner conflict, hopefully achieving the desired result by:

  • Identifying the part
  • Establishing rapport with the part
  • Calling out the part
  • Thanking the part for emerging
  • Discovering the part’s purpose
  • Calling out to other appropriate parts
  • Negotiating and mediating an agreement between the parts
  • Integrating the parts together

This approach empowers patients because it’s based on the idea that the power to change resides within the client. The facilitator’s job is to remain as objective as possible during therapy. This method helps people constructively discover their inner power. Improved self-esteem is often a side benefit for many people who try parts-therapy.

For more information about parts-therapy, contact our team of Chico mental health professionals at Therapeutic Solutions. We’re here to help you live life in balance.