Can Morning Rituals Calm Anxiety?

While you might brush your teeth every morning before starting the day, you might not have a precise morning routine to rely on. For some, creating a morning ritual has helped them cope with the anxiety they experience during the day.

Some people wake with anxiety, whether it’s before the alarm even sounds or arising with anxious or troubled thoughts on the brain. Starting the day like this can be exhausting. However, if you create a morning ritual to calm your anxiety, it might curb the bulk of it before it ruins the rest of your day.

Ritual has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. These routines soothe the psyche because they’re done regularly and predictably. Likewise, they’re comfortably rhythmic and allow us some measure of control over what we do.

The most effective type of anxiety-reducing ritual should take place as close to the same time each day as possible. This will establish a routine your brain will come to rely on. Likewise, your brain will make a connection between the time of day, place of the ritual, activities done, and reduced anxiety; meaning, simply seeing or being otherwise reminded of the routine will induce calm.

Also, make sure to pick a comfortable, pleasant place for your morning ritual. You want this place to be physically enjoyable for you. If you have pets or family members who might interrupt you, make sure to establish boundaries with them in advance, which will allow you to perform your ritual uninterrupted.

There is no best possible routine for every person; rather, people all have something that best suits them, their personalities, and their unique anxieties. Whatever that activity is for you, make sure you do it each morning at a set time in a set place to induce peace and reduce stress. Simple activities you enjoy doing are some of the best options. However, if you want some suggestions, you could try some of the following:

  • Writing affirmations
  • Watching fish in an aquarium
  • Drinking tea, decaffeinated coffee, or water
  • Mindfully eating something healthy
  • Meditating
  • Journaling
  • Deep breathing
  • Taking a mindfulness walk
  • Goal setting for the day
  • Making an action plan for a low-anxiety day

Make sure whatever you decide to do in the morning, it brings you a sense of joy, peace, and calm.

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