Medication Refill Policy & Procedures

Behavioral Health Services in California, Washington & Idaho

Medication Refill Policy and Procedures

You should contact your pharmacy FIRST when needing a medication refill if it is a non-controlled substance. Pharmacies will either refill your medication or will notify our office for a refill request. It is your responsibility to ensure our office has the correct pharmacy on file. Our office highly recommends electing into text reminders from your pharmacy to be notified when your medications have been filled. We ask that you contact our office 1 week prior to running out of your medication to ensure you can receive it in a timely manner. On average, the request will be reviewed and returned within 72 hours of the request. Please note refill requests will not be reviewed or received after 5pm on weekdays, weekends, or holidays. Medical assistants will not return calls related to medication refill requests unless additional information is required. Please contact your pharmacy for notification of fulfillment of request.