Medication Refill Policy & Procedures

Behavioral Health Services in Northern California & Spokane, Washington

Medication Refill Policy and Procedures

To ensure a smooth process for refilling your medication, this document is provided so that you are informed about our policy and procedures related to medication refills.  Please review it completely. 

You should contact your pharmacy FIRST when needing a medication refill. Pharmacies will either refill your medication or will notify our office for a refill request. On average, the request will be reviewed and returned within 72 hours of the request. It is your responsibility to ensure our office has your correct pharmacy on file. Note: Refill requests will not be reviewed or received after 5pm on weekdays or on weekends or holidays. Please plan appropriately.

You should contact your pharmacy for controlled medication refills. The pharmacy will contact us, and your provider will refill. Medical Assistants WILL NOT return calls related to controlled medications unless additional information/action is needed to complete the refill request.

Before any scheduled appointment, you should check your medication and know what needs to be refilled. It is your responsibility to request refills during your appointment.

You are responsible for submitting your request for refills and/or scheduling an office visit at least 1 week prior to running out of your medication.  Fulfilling refill requests can take up to 72 hours to process so please plan ahead.  Same day refill requests will not be honored unless you have an appointment scheduled with your provider.

Our offices require regularly scheduled office visits with your prescribing provider.  It is your responsibility to keep up with your appointments.  Use your appointment to discuss your medication(s), including refills.

Our offices provide multiple ways for patients to request the medication refills they need:

  1. Call your pharmacy. They will send the refill request to our office. It is recommended that you sign up for pharmacy text message reminders to improve your experience of receiving refills on time.
  2. Ask for refills during your regular office visits with a provider.
  3. If assistance is needed, you may contact your prescriber’s Medical Assistant. The Medical Assistant will respond to your message by the next business day. Multiple calls with the same request will not be returned. Only leave one message.
  4. If your prescription or medication is lost or stolen and you have difficulty with withdrawal symptoms, you should go to the nearest emergency room.

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