Psychiatric Assessment and Group Program Evaluations

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Providing Psychiatric Assessment and Group Program Evaluations in Chico & Spokane

In order to determine if our programs are a good fit for a person’s needs, we offer an assessment with one of our qualified therapists. Assessments help us collaborate with you to determine the level of care, programs, and additional services and treatments that are right for you. Our trained assessment coordinators will collaborate with you to identify your treatment needs and options.

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  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment to fill the new patient packet at our office.

    Complete preliminary patient information via our patient portal to help make your appointment more efficient.

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    We may refer you to a support group, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or another behavioral health professional for outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, or inpatient treatment. In any case, you and your family will be able to participate in deciding which level of care is the most appropriate for your individual circumstances.

    •  Individuals who have received past treatment for a behavioral health issue and have recently relapsed could benefit from an initial assessment and possible admission.
    • Individuals suffering from problems that have not yet resulted in unmanageability in their home / work environment
    • Individuals who have just completed inpatient hospitalization and need a transitional step-down between an initial crisis and re-entry into daily living activities
    • Individuals in need of additional structure, support, and education to aid them in obtaining direction in personal recovery

    If you would like more information about our behavioral health programs and an assessment, you can speak confidentially with one of our caring professionals to discuss your concerns. We will help you determine if an assessment is appropriate.

    Information in the packet includes:

    • Family History
    • Social History
    • Medical History
    • Medications (Past and Current)
    • Psychiatric and Counseling Care History
    • Psychiatric History
    • Insurance Information
    • Demographic

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