Intensive Outpatient Basics

Structured, group therapy led by a team of highly skilled clinicians.

Programs for adults, as well as adolescents aged 13-18.

Schedule: 3 hours/day; 3-4 days/week; for 10 weeks (duration may vary depending on patient’s insurance)

Comfortable outpatient setting, not attached to a hospital.

Group therapy is supported with weekly individual therapy with a member of our clinical staff for the duration of the program.

Custom curriculum, incorporating Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills & interventions. DBT is the gold standard for treating personality disorders and suicidality.


When is a good time to refer a patient to Therapeutic Solutions' IOP group therapy programs?

When a patient’s behavioral healthcare needs have extended beyond the medication management or individual outpatient therapy you are providing.

As a measure to preventative inpatient hospitalization.

When a patient being discharged from an inpatient setting would benefit from step down services.

Is a patient with suicidal thoughts a good candidate for IOP?

All patients referred into our group programs are assessed by a member of our clinical staff. We are not equipped to care for actively suicidal patients.

Why group therapy?

Group therapy accelerates the individual process by offering an environment with unique opportunities for patients to learn & practice skills with the support of other group members.

What is the discharge process from Therapeutic Solutions IOP?

At intake, patients & clinicians work collaboratively to create a comprehensive treatment plan including a discharge plan. Graduation from services can include coordination with outpatient therapists & psychiatric providers.