Our Clinical Team

Behavioral Health Services in Northern California

Our Team of Clinicians

For patients seeking mental health and wholeness, clinical work is the backbone of their recovery. Working with a therapist or social worker provides patients with the tools to face their personal obstacles with confidence and peace of mind. At Therapeutic Solutions, we utilize our therapists as an important part of a holistic approach.

What keeps us going, day after day, is being able to help our patients live more positive, meaningful lives. Our patients tell us how they have benefited from the care we provide.

  • A better quality of life
  • A greater sense of well-being
  • The skills to deal with change in a healthy way
  • The ability to open up and meet challenges head-on
  • The willingness to start living sober
  • A feeling of hope and looking forward to each day
  • Significantly reduced anxiety and depression

Our treatment addresses the medical, environmental, and genetic roots of mental health. Whatever your background or diagnosis, our compassionate Butte County clinicians are prepared to help you reclaim your health and a positive outlook

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Rebecca Williamson, LMFT

Rebecca Williamson, LMFT, Clinician


Jessica Jennings, LMFT

Jessica Jennings, LMFT, Clinician


Lara Wilson, LMFT

Lara Wilson, LMFT, Clinician


Debra Moreland, APCC

Moreland, Debra


Shibo He, AMFT

He, Shibo


Jasmine Madera, APCC

Madera, Jasmine