Comprehensive & Compassionate

Behavioral Health Services in Northern California

At Therapeutic Solutions, we want every aspect of your experience to help you progress along your journey toward healing. We want to make you feel welcomed and well cared for as a part of our patient community. Our center utilizes a team-based approach to mental health. We believe that a team of professionals working in synergy with you will help you build and maintain long-term mental health through any obstacles. Our team approach is only made possible through the vision and coordination of our leadership staff.

With their ability to direct and lead our Butte County team of therapists, social workers, and psychiatrists, thousands of patients have the opportunity to rebuild their lives and reclaim healthy outlooks. Our leadership team is driven by the conviction that your life matters. There is hope. At Therapeutic Solutions, we work hard to help each patient get well, stay well, and be well.

To learn more about the achievements and specialties of our leadership staff, enjoy their bios here.

Ahmed Abouesh, M.D.


CEO & Medical Director

Meghan Phillips


Operations Director

Macie Stead


Clinical Director

Jennifer Crane Pyle


Community Education Manager

Diane Schumacher


Operations Manager

Karan Belmonte


HR Generalist