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Self Care Bulletin – May 8


Mother’s Day can be sensitive or downright painful for many people even under the best of circumstances. For some, the day is a reminder of loss, absence, or pain in a mother-child relationship. If Mother’s Day is a difficult day for you, you may find this article from Harvard Health to be helpful.

And even if Mother’s Day has been a relatively uncomplicated celebration for you in the past, this year is certain to present unique challenges.

If you’re a mother whose children are home more, the challenge might be figuring out how to nurture your own needs in quarantine. Here are a couple of tips:

Focus on self-compassion

Increased time with your children may have led to increased pressure to be “on” all the time and feeling burned out. Take some time to reflect on the things that you are doing well.

Your best is more than good enough.

Take Time for Something that Brings You Joy While meeting your basic needs for sleep or downtime may be at the top of your list, make sure to also schedule some time for a favorite hobby or a fun activity. Even 15-20 minutes will help!

Connect with Those Who “Mother” You Whether it’s your own mother or a mentor or a peer, schedule a time to connect with someone or (“someones”) who nurtures you.

Mothers need nurturing too!


For those who are trying to figure out how to celebrate mothers, grandmothers, and mother-figures, while in quarantine: we’ve included some suggestions.

Organize a parade by her house. Bring homemade signs with words of appreciation, scatter flowers, and dress up if you’re brave.

Put together a playlist of songs you know she loves or songs that make you think about her.

Schedule a Zoom date with her and use that time to talk about meaningful things. Ask her questions about herself, but also consider sharing something meaningful about your own life and development.



NPR has compiled a series of articles, short videos, tips, and stories to reflect on and celebrate mothers and those who “mother”.

Features include 6-Word tributes to mothers, Latin American music for Mother’s Day, tips on a DIY Mother’s Day, a tribute to “cool aunts”, and so much more.

Check it out! Click here

On June 25th, Therapeutic Solutions will be consolidating into one building. Any patient receiving services from our psychiatric providers will receive care in our “treatment services” building directly across from the professional building. Please call our office at (530) 899-3150 if you have any questions about the change.

Also beginning July 1st, Therapeutic Solutions will start a new Electronic Health Record system. During the first several weeks after the transition, you may experience delays during appointments and in scheduling and billing communications while we learn to work with our new system. We look forward to experiencing the positive changes a new Electronic Health Record brings and sincerely appreciate your flexibility. We kindly ask for your understanding during the learning curve.