Parenting a Child Through a Mental Health Crisis

Given the deeply personal nature of our relationships, many parents are at a loss for what to do when their child displays signs of mental illness or experiences a mental health crisis. No matter their professional background, the number of children they have raised, or their experiences caring for others with mental illness, it is challenging for most parents to figure out how to best approach caring for their child’s mental health.

How to Care for Children During a Mental Health Crisis

Mental health crises in children can take different forms, ranging from violent outbursts to slow and progressive decline. Sometimes mental illness in children creates meltdowns that are traumatizing for the whole family, creating a need for immediate intervention. In other cases, mental health problems that were once manageable develop to the point that a child can no longer live at home or stay safe.

The best solution for your family and your child depends on the nature of the mental health issue at hand and the sort of crisis you are experiencing. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, here are a few pointers for navigating your child’s mental health concern:

  • Don’t keep it to yourself or internalize your struggle. Reach out to those you trust or to a professional.
  • Create as much stability, consistency, and positive structure as possible for your child and the rest of your family.
  • Do everything you can to remain present with your child and assure them of your love and support.
  • Take time to talk to your family about the struggle at hand, creating a safe environment and giving family members permission to verbalize their questions, worries, etc.
  • Don’t let stigma or shame keep you from pursuing treatment and acting in your family’s best interest.

Although watching the people we care about struggle is scary, overwhelming, and sometimes chaotic, understand that it is not yours or your child’s fault. Mental health concerns impact a wide range of individuals, and often require therapeutic or medical intervention to treat.


Mental and Behavioral Health Treatment for Parents & Children in Northern California

At Therapeutic Solutions, we understand that mental health challenges affect the whole family. Family therapy is one of the ways we help you and your loved ones cope with the difficulties of living with mental illness, and we also offer a number of solutions for families in crisis, including:

Even if your child has not responded to other treatments or is experiencing particularly intense symptoms, our team of doctors, clinicians, and other care providers can help. You don’t have to be silent about your struggle and you don’t have to suffer alone. We are prepared to serve you and your loved ones during this difficult time and help you find solutions that work.

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