Starting Over After a Relapse

One thing that we always stress to everyone trying to overcome addiction—recovery is an ever-evolving and growing process. It does not end when your treatment ends or when you walk out the doors of the facility. Overcoming addiction begins with small steps that accumulate in a larger path towards bettering your life.

Here are some examples of ways people choose to rise above in their recovery:

  • Refusing a drink while you are visiting at a friend’s house
  • Avoiding a location or staying home, instead of going somewhere where you know there will be alcohol or drugs
  • Being unafraid to seek treatment or counsel again when a slip-up occurs

We understand. Relapse is frustrating and often, very frustrating for those who believe that they are on the right track towards recovering. By reinforcing the feelings of “guilt” and punishing yourself for relapsing, it makes it easier to simply give up on recovery. This is why between 40 and 60% of individuals who have completed a substance abuse program have a chance of relapsing.

Our Chico substance abuse counselors at Therapeutic Solutions want to help you reformulate some of those negative thoughts that you are currently struggling with or facing. Half of the battle with addiction and recovery is believing that you can fight it. Success and the will to succeed is a feeling that you will find offers a much stronger reward than any craving or “high.”

What Should I Do if I Have Relapsed?

If you have relapsed, remember—do not guilt yourself, punish yourself, or give up because of a “mistake.” Take those thoughts and channel them towards motivating thoughts. Focus your energy on rising above, not on what went wrong.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Think of relapse as just another step on your road towards recovery
  • Reach out to your network or support system—positive influences that have been there during your ongoing struggle will continue to be there
  • Enter into a treatment or rehabilitation program—there is absolutely no shame or disgrace in returning to treatment, only strength.

Find support any way you can. Whether it is from your friends, your spouse, your loved ones, or even counselors and group mates in a treatment program. Therapeutic Solutions and our Chico behavioral solutions team has helped people fight some of the toughest addictions. We want to ensure that your future looks bright from here on out, no matter what setbacks you might face.

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