3 Things to Ask Your Psychiatrist if You Are Considering Medication

How Long Will it Take for the Medication to Be Effective?

Sometimes medications can take months to have a noticeable impact on your life. Knowing this on the front end can help you develop realistic expectations and have a better idea of whether or not a medication works for you (assuming that you choose to take it). Before starting on a certain medication, talk to your psychiatrist and develop a timeframe that will help you have a better idea of what to expect, when to expect it, and whether or not the medication is working at all.

What Are the Side Effects and Potential Risks?

Sometimes the benefits of psychotropic or psychoactive medications do not outweigh the benefits. Many such medications may make your symptoms more bearable, but they may also come with significant risks for other mental and physical problems. For example, you may have reason to pause if a certain medication alleviates symptoms of depression but has been known to cause severe anxiety and insomnia (which can interfere with your social life, work performance, physical health, and more).

When considering a particular medication, it is also important to inquire about the prevalence of abuse and addiction among people who take it. Some medications, whether they are effective or not, can be habit-forming and are highly addictive. Don’t be taken by surprise on this one.

Is the Medication Known by Other Names or Used for Multiple Purposes?

Sometimes a mental health medication will, indeed, work to combat the symptoms you are experiencing, but also have other effects that are not directly related to your condition. For example, a medication for ADHD may improve your ability to focus, but the same medication may also be used as an appetite suppressant for persons suffering from bulimia nervosa. If you are not aware that the two are one in the same, you may be oblivious to the fact that the medication could result in you losing an unhealthy amount of weight, feeling full when you haven’t eaten, and having difficulty maintaining a proper diet.

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