Signs You May Be Struggling with Alcohol Use

Behavioral Health Care & Therapy in Northern California

If you’re reading this, it may be time to get help. Many people wait until their alcohol consumption spirals out of control to admit they have a problem, which is often detrimental to their family life, health, work, and finances—but that doesn’t have to be your story.

By reaching out early on, you are making a decisive move to take your life back into your own hands, and our team at Therapeutic Solutions is here to provide you with the compassionate, effective behavioral health treatment and support you need to make it happen.

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Warning Signs of Harmful Alcohol Use

Many people who drink on a regular or semi-regular basis are at risk of becoming dependent on alcohol or developing a substance use disorder. Being honest with yourself is the first step to getting the help you need and avoiding the devastating consequences of alcohol addiction. Your life may depend on your willingness to admit that you need help.

Reach out to our team at Therapeutic Solutions right away if any of the following are true:

  • You drink heavily when you are sad, stressed, or otherwise upset.
  • You find yourself blacking out or unable to remember things you said and did while you were drinking.
  • You hide the amount of drinks you have had.
  • You feel uncomfortable at parties and events where there is no alcohol available.
  • You find yourself in a hurry to begin drinking at the end of the day.
  • Your drinking habits are a source of guilt or shame for you.
  • Someone you love has mentioned that they are worried about you because of your drinking habits.
  • You have found yourself in trouble with the law for things you have done while drinking.
  • You drink throughout the day.
  • Your doctor has suggested you decrease your drinking.
  • You are trembling and shaky in the morning and calm your symptoms with medication or more alcohol.
  • You have family members who have struggled or are struggling with alcohol use.
  • Your work, family life, finances, health, and/or social life have suffered as a result of your drinking habits.

Alcohol Use Disorders

If you have developed a habit of problematic alcohol use, you have no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that approximately 17 million adults in the United States in 2012 suffered from a diagnosable problem with alcohol use. Alcohol use disorders manifest themselves differently for everyone, but they all involve a variety of contributing factors such as family life, personality, personal history, biology, etc., and they all require professional intervention.

Allow us to help and be your partners in recovery. We provide behavioral health services for adolescents and adults throughout Northern California, and we know what it takes to help you achieve victory or alcohol use disorders. Please connect with a member of our team in Chico as soon as possible and allow us to guide you through the healing process.

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