How Group Therapy Supports Recovery

Common Misconceptions About Group Therapy

You’ve probably seen at least one sitcom or movie in which group therapy is depicted as awkward, perfunctory, and less than helpful. Such misrepresentation may hinder you from getting the support you need and confuse you when you are trying to determine whether or not group therapy is right for you. There are a handful of common misconceptions about group therapy that drive many people away and cut them off from the benefits of working through the healing process with others.

If you are considering group therapy, don’t be derailed by any of the following myths:

  • You will be forced to talk about your struggle.
  • Group therapy is only for people who have no one else to turn to.
  • Sharing your struggle with a group will bring judgement, gossip, and criticism from other group members.
  • You will never see anyone from your group after therapy is complete.
  • Group therapy is only about processing your feelings.

The Benefits of Group Therapy During Behavioral Health Treatment

In reality, group therapy is very different than most people believe. When you undergo group therapy at Therapeutic Solutions, you will never be called on to participate or forced to share more about your challenges than you would like. Group therapy is merely an opportunity for you to glean support and reinforcement from others who are dealing with similar issues.

The group therapy model offered at Therapeutic Solutions includes opportunities to process feelings and ongoing struggles. Additionally, our outpatient therapeutic programs are specifically focused on developing skills and tools to help you manage behavioral health symptoms. The combination of processing and curriculum-driven learning allows our patients to leave treatment with: a better understanding of their symptoms and the source of those symptoms; communication and relationship skills that will allow them to have more harmonious and positive connections with others; resources that can support recovery long after treatment has ended; and a deeper sense of self-worth and self-awareness.

Our programs are designed to create stability, relational support, and a safe place for you to be honest about what you are thinking and feeling at every stage of your recovery from behavioral health concerns. Participants agree to a set of rules regarding confidentiality, respectful communication, and trust, and all group members are expected to keep all shared information private.

Disregard the myths. When you are working to overcome behavioral health challenges, group therapy provides a number of terrific benefits, including:

  • Instruction on how to share information about your thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner;
  • Meaningful relational support and accountability;
  • A sense of being known and understood, rather than alone and isolated;
  • An opportunity to practice skills and tools learned during the therapeutic process in a safe environment with a licensed professional.

Personalized Behavioral Health Services in Northern California

At Therapeutic Solutions, we cater to the needs of individual participants, even during group therapy. We rely on evidence-based methods when helping you overcome mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges, and we seek to facilitate lasting recovery through meaningful relationships and honest communication.

When you come to our behavioral health treatment center in Northern California, you will have access to group therapy, as well as a variety of additional treatment options. You will receive the support you need to achieve long-lasting victory and healing. Click to learn more about our current programs:


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