How to Talk to Loved Ones About Substance Use

When we are concerned about the people we care about, starting a conversation may be necessary – but that doesn’t make it easy. It is normal to feel anxiety about addressing a sensitive topic that may not be well-received. It is also important to remember that for many, hearing the concerns and worries of people they know and trust is often the first step toward recovery. It takes courage to bring up difficult topics, and we are here to support you in starting a productive conversation.

3 Tips for Talking with Your Loved One About Their Substance Use Disorder

  1. Talk to other family members and friends before approaching your loved one about their substance use problem. It is almost always a good idea for people struggling with substance use disorders or dependence to hear from multiple people who care about them and know them well. Consulting with other people may make any efforts to intervene more productive and helpful for your loved one.
  2. Pick a convenient time to engage in what could become an emotional, open-ended conversation. Trying to bring up your loved one’s struggle with drugs or alcohol may end poorly if you attempt to bring it up at a social gathering or at a time when they may not be able to engage or listen to your concerns. If other family members are going to be involved in the conversation, it may be wise to speak to your loved one together in the comfort and privacy of a home, where all parties can speak freely and distractions are minimal.
  3. Decide in advance what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Nothing can derail a conversation on a touchy subject quite like an accidentally hurtful comment or unintentionally offensive explanation. On the other hand, people are much more likely to accept “tough love” in situations where they feel others accept, listen to, and care for them. Be sure to use empathetic, gentle body language and use a soft, gentle tone of voice. Also decide ahead of time how you plan to confront your loved one, so as to avoid being misunderstood or giving them an opportunity to disregard your input based on inaccurate or unfair statements.

Behavioral Health Treatment & Addiction Recovery Programs in Chico

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